Almost Thanksgiving

Its almost Thanksgiving and family time. I’m spending time @ my grandmothers house! How about you?



This is an update!!! I am working on the next excerpt of my story and it’s going to be EPIC! My friend Vivi Feran had a birthday two days ago and she’s a really awesome artist. I say this because people you don’t know or care about have birthdays and that gets them one step closer to greatness. Every day when you wake up, say “Happy Birthday!” to,the wall because someone on the other side of that wall is going to feel as if @ least SOMEONE cares about them and knows they’re destined for greatness.

My new friend

This might seem weird, but I got a new friend a couple days ago. Her name is Haley Mia Pate and she has an awesome blog too. I’ve been through making that we should each write on our blogs and then read each others.


I have been so out of date on this blog. I mean,  no one reads it anymore and I guess I could add more of my story but I have school so that wouldn’t really work. I guess I will and I’m not going to tell my parents that I’m back on cause they’re gonna monitor EVERY SINGLE POST! After I finish this post, I’m going to write the story post. Um… I guess I’ll talk about Marvel Agents of Shield. It’s currently the best show ever, and I watch it every Wednesday night even though it airs on Tuesday. That’s the link to the TV show or (if you want to be short) just go to  Nora out 🙂

More Of The Story

Why’d he have to COME ! My parents were rich because  of their secret life of crime. The way I help my parents is, I distract  the main person and then my parents do whatever. I’ve always wondered why we do it. Why?I asked myself. Why would we do this if it”s bad? This kind of thing happens once in a while. I wonder why my parents would do bad things and I ask them and then… I can’t believe it but they just say “Oh honey, we’ll tell you when you’re older.”  Now I’m 16 years old so i don’t know how much I can do to get old enough.  Suddenly, a voice woke me out of my trance. ” Hope? Are you still there?” “What? Oh, yeah I’m here. I’m just uh…shocked about your info. I think you should just give up. actually keep going because I have information that will help you but uh…you can’t tell your parents. Uh…my family is the family that’s stealing the money and  that’s how we’re rich and please don’ t call the cops!” ‘OK, Um, I won’t call the cops. Why do you do it?” “I don’t actually know. But I do know that I’ve liked you for a while and i think i can trust you until we figure out why my parents are doing this.” ” Um… You like me!? I mean I like you and Sure lets get to work!”

That’s All Folks!

Party Time!!!!

On Saturday I went to my friends party and we went to a ropes course. It was super fun and I had a blast. There were three courses  that we went on and they were awesome! The first course was kind of easy but the second one was a little harder. We zip lined more and then on the third one, you had to climb up 30 feet and then zip line 7 times and then get on the ground again.

My NEW idea

Ok, so I just had a brainstorm. I’m going to start writing parts of MY story on this blog. I’m going to start now and feel free to leave any comments on this about changes i need to make. Well, here it is!:

PS: I know some letters aren’t in caps, so you don’t need to comment about that.

 I was sitting there at my computer just as I had been the last few hours when my mom called me down for dinner. “Honey, put on a pretty dress for once! The Evans are coming over for dinner and I think this qualifies as ‘formal.’ Now go!” “Augh!” I sighed as tromped back upstairs. The Evans always come over. There’s something weird about them. Well except for their cute son Charlie. I’ve always secretly liked him but…well anyway whenever they come over I get the sinking feeling they’re casing the joint. Anyway, I put my dress on, and stomp down stairs just as they’re coming in. “Hi, Melissa. I just love those heels! Where’d you get them?” Melissa  is my mom and “those heels” are her “exception” heels ’cause she always wears kitten heels everywhere else and she always wears those when the Evans come over. Always. Charlie Evans looks at me and motions for me to come closer to him. I walk over and he whispers, “We’re casing your house!  I’ve wanting to tell you for a long time now but you never come over when I motion. Anyway, the reason why is because you’re living in an ex-convicts house. He stole stuff but we weren’t sure if it was in the house still. Nobody has ever caught him or found the goods!” I just stare at him until i finally forced out a small,”oh” My head was racing because the reason the convict had never been caught was because they were looking for a man, not a whole family!