Omg! I totally need to tell everyone what’s been happening! So, a new girl came to my class 2 months ago. She’s the nicest person ever and she has a blog to. I had friend drama but I also had a friend die. I know that you’re thinking, WHAT! well actually my friends chicken died and the chicken was a friend of mine so really a friend did die. I did the 5k in Decatur, and I met…Wendalin VanDrannen! She’s the authoress of my f.ave series, Sammy Keyes. That’s about a girl who solves mysteries and she’s a heck of a lot spunkier than Nancy Drew. At the event she passed out shoelaces because Sammy wore high-tops and she also passed out horseshoe charms which you would realize the significance of if you had read the series.  I totally recommend the series so as soon as you finish reading my blog, go get Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief.


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