My NEW idea

Ok, so I just had a brainstorm. I’m going to start writing parts of MY story on this blog. I’m going to start now and feel free to leave any comments on this about changes i need to make. Well, here it is!:

PS: I know some letters aren’t in caps, so you don’t need to comment about that.

 I was sitting there at my computer just as I had been the last few hours when my mom called me down for dinner. “Honey, put on a pretty dress for once! The Evans are coming over for dinner and I think this qualifies as ‘formal.’ Now go!” “Augh!” I sighed as tromped back upstairs. The Evans always come over. There’s something weird about them. Well except for their cute son Charlie. I’ve always secretly liked him but…well anyway whenever they come over I get the sinking feeling they’re casing the joint. Anyway, I put my dress on, and stomp down stairs just as they’re coming in. “Hi, Melissa. I just love those heels! Where’d you get them?” Melissa  is my mom and “those heels” are her “exception” heels ’cause she always wears kitten heels everywhere else and she always wears those when the Evans come over. Always. Charlie Evans looks at me and motions for me to come closer to him. I walk over and he whispers, “We’re casing your house!  I’ve wanting to tell you for a long time now but you never come over when I motion. Anyway, the reason why is because you’re living in an ex-convicts house. He stole stuff but we weren’t sure if it was in the house still. Nobody has ever caught him or found the goods!” I just stare at him until i finally forced out a small,”oh” My head was racing because the reason the convict had never been caught was because they were looking for a man, not a whole family! 



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