More Of The Story

Why’d he have to COME ! My parents were rich because  of their secret life of crime. The way I help my parents is, I distract  the main person and then my parents do whatever. I’ve always wondered why we do it. Why?I asked myself. Why would we do this if it”s bad? This kind of thing happens once in a while. I wonder why my parents would do bad things and I ask them and then… I can’t believe it but they just say “Oh honey, we’ll tell you when you’re older.”  Now I’m 16 years old so i don’t know how much I can do to get old enough.  Suddenly, a voice woke me out of my trance. ” Hope? Are you still there?” “What? Oh, yeah I’m here. I’m just uh…shocked about your info. I think you should just give up. actually keep going because I have information that will help you but uh…you can’t tell your parents. Uh…my family is the family that’s stealing the money and  that’s how we’re rich and please don’ t call the cops!” ‘OK, Um, I won’t call the cops. Why do you do it?” “I don’t actually know. But I do know that I’ve liked you for a while and i think i can trust you until we figure out why my parents are doing this.” ” Um… You like me!? I mean I like you and Sure lets get to work!”

That’s All Folks!


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