This is an update!!! I am working on the next excerpt of my story and it’s going to be EPIC! My friend Vivi Feran had a birthday two days ago and she’s a really awesome artist. I say this because people you don’t know or care about have birthdays and that gets them one step […]

My new friend

This might seem weird, but I got a new friend a couple days ago. Her name is Haley Mia Pate and she has an awesome blog too. I’ve been through making that we should each write on our blogs and then read each others.


I have been so out of date on this blog. I mean,  no one reads it anymore and I guess I could add more of my story but I have school so that wouldn’t really work. I guess I will and I’m not going to tell my parents that I’m back on cause they’re gonna monitor […]

Party Time!!!!

On Saturday I went to my friends party and we went to a ropes course. It was super fun and I had a blast. There were three courses  that we went on and they were awesome! The first course was kind of easy but the second one was a little harder. We zip lined more […]

My NEW idea

Ok, so I just had a brainstorm. I’m going to start writing parts of MY story on this blog. I’m going to start now and feel free to leave any comments on this about changes i need to make. Well, here it is!: PS: I know some letters aren’t in caps, so you don’t need […]