My Trip

I went to Arizona for a week! it was awesome when we went to the Desert Museum and saw birds and other desert animals.   the day after that we went to Kartchner Caverns and saw cool cave formations! on Saturday, we saw the petroglyphs and then, on Sunday we went to the… WATER PARK! I went on all the slides and had a blast! Then on Monday we went the zoo and i got a doll that is a zoo keeper. Cool, right!  then on Tuesday my parents left and went home to Atlanta and i get to hang out with my NORMIE!!! We’re going to the pool on Thursday and Yesterday we saw Maleficent and it was AWESOME! 


My newest Get Rich Quick plan

First, when your mom or dad are driving, you reach into their wallet or purse and take out their credit cards. You then look for a UN-signed one and you pull out a pen and sign YOUR name on it. You can ask your mom or dad if you can go to the store and if you can, you buy whatever you want. BUT, you need to be careful because your parents get a bill so you probably don’t want them to notice.  If your parents say they’ll come with you, go to a store where won’t recognize you or you family so you can get  something, go up to the counter, pay for it and, if it’s small enough, put it in your purse or bag which you SHOULD bring and if it’s NOT small enough, then you tell your parents you got it for free, which is the worst option, OR you could just wait till you come back with your friends and then buy it. That’s my advice!

Heres the Poll!

You didn’t think i’d forget did you?


My brother is in LOVE with Poke`mon and it can get annoying when he dosen’t  know the rules. He got the Poke`mon board with the end of his birthday money he finally knows how to play. i played against him once and it was okay but my dad got some of the rules wrong but it was okay because  we learned later. by the way there will be a poll on my next post. ta ta! 🙂

Annies Mac and Cheese!

Annie’s Mac and Cheese is the best Mac and Cheese ever! i should know because every time my family goes to the store I absolutely HAVE to have it. I eat  it every time a babysitter comes over. i eat it whenever i have the chance which leaves me with no choice but to say i love pasta! I’ve been eating it tooo much lately, according  to my mom and dad. i don’t  think so, but that’s all their decision. The next chance i get,  i’m going to have the biggest pasta meal (Annie’s’) EVER! 🙂


Omg! I totally need to tell everyone what’s been happening! So, a new girl came to my class 2 months ago. She’s the nicest person ever and she has a blog to. I had friend drama but I also had a friend die. I know that you’re thinking, WHAT! well actually my friends chicken died and the chicken was a friend of mine so really a friend did die. I did the 5k in Decatur, and I met…Wendalin VanDrannen! She’s the authoress of my f.ave series, Sammy Keyes. That’s about a girl who solves mysteries and she’s a heck of a lot spunkier than Nancy Drew. At the event she passed out shoelaces because Sammy wore high-tops and she also passed out horseshoe charms which you would realize the significance of if you had read the series.  I totally recommend the series so as soon as you finish reading my blog, go get Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief.